My mom sat me in front of her Sear’s Kenmore sewing machine at a young age. While my feet touched the pedal, my head was almost even with the throat of machine. She showed me how to thread the machine and gave me an old sheet to sew on. I almost sewed her finger tip as she pointed something out at the foot of the machine. Gave us both a scare, but we kept on.

From that beginning, I taught myself to sew clothes. I made many outfits for myself, my mom and my boys when they were toddlers. But life conspired to draw me away from my machine. For years it sat idle. Then, after a long convalescence and retirement, a friend introduced me to quilting.

I have been quilting for almost a decade now. This blog is my place to track my journey. I will start by sharing some of the various projects I have worked on. Then I will talk about current projects as I work on them. I hope you enjoy and let’s create something together.

What People Say

The quilt top is beautiful! I love the way you placed the small squares. I also really like the colors.


I absolutely love the quilt!


Let’s create something together!