The Fish Quilt

A quilt called Michigan Trout was the inspiration for this one. The fishes were made by partly following the pattern “Making Fish” by Laura Heineken. Each fish was made using three inch strips that range from 1/4” to 1/2” width. The eyes, mouth, gills and fins were different technique.

Close up showing scalloped quilting

The quilting of the full size quilt was challenging on my sewing machine’s 10 inch throat. First, straight lines were quilted through the quilt at three inch intervals. Then, scalloped quilting with variegated thread was done on the fishes. The strips were quilted using a block design with colored thread to match the strips. . Finally, the blackberry border was quilted with blue thread in wavy lines with random bubbles design.

Border quilted with wavy lines and random bubbles.

I started this full size quilt in January, 2020. I finished this quilt on July 28, 2020. Thanks Melody for the inspiration and another challenging project.


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