When Life Gives You Scraps Make A Quilt

My sister-in-law surprised me with a coffee cup. She said when she saw the cup she thought of me. I love it. It is a large size cup and will be great for my morning coffee. It was perfect timing for the cup too, as I have decide to tackle my scraps of fabric. I’m making my first scrap quilt.

Picture above is the Work in Progress on my design wall. I have 236 blocks sewn out of 846 needed for the pattern. Each square is sewn individually and the seams are meticulously matched. Just saw a video by Jo at Jo’s Country Junction about strip piecing. I will try that method on my next scrappy quilt.

The spacing between blocks is where sashing will go. The pattern I am following has white for the sashing (see picture below.) I’m considering denim instead. I have jeans I was going to cut up and use one day. This may be the project.

Well, I put some denim up on design wall to sample the idea of using denim (see picture below). I decided the white would work better for sashing. Bert, my husband, is in favor of white too. So white it is.

I love my design wall. It saves me so much time and effort to see ideas before I sew. More time to enjoy a good cup of coffee. Thank you Julie.


  1. I love scrap quilts! They remind me of the quilts my paternal grandmother made. As a little girl, I would fall asleep looking at all the different prints.

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    1. Thank you Gayla. Just the story I needed to keep me powering through this one. So many pieces…and to think they probably made them by hand or a treadle sewing machine. Labor intensive. I’m up to 284 squares sewn together. 562 squares waiting their turn.


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