Recovering Chairs

I haven’t been working on the Fun in Sun quilt. Things have just been too busy here. I had my granddaughter (2 years old) for most of two weeks. This week we went back to 1-2 days a week. I spent my new found time catching up on household chores and yard work.

I did manage to cover four chairs. There was a little bit of sewing involved. Two of the chairs involved covering the back and the seat. The other two chairs required just the seat to be covered.

For the Fun in the Sun quilt I have nine of 15 flip flop bottoms cut out. I still have 30 flip flop thongs to cut out. A long way to go.

Maybe, for this Memorial Day weekend, I will work some more on the Fun in Sun quilt. But an important part of this weekend is remembering those who gave all for this country.


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