A Little Bit of Organizing, A Little Bit of Sewing, A Whole Lot of Cutting

Finally got scrappy quilt on display. Bert put together the wall quilt hanger and hung it on the wall . My wonderful granddaughter helped show off the quilt and hanger.

I have started cutting pieces for a new quilt top. I have cut 30 4.5” squares and 120 1.5” squares. There is a lot of cutting in my future as I still have to cut the following: 1440 1.5” squares, 120 1.5” rectangles, 360 2.5” squares, 120 9” string triangle and 20 alternate blocks .

I am organizing my cuttings in groups of 10 to help keep track of where I am in this project. Still it will be a lot to keep track of. I am thankful to Bert and Annabelle for helping me hang up my scrappy quilt.

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