Another Quilt Finished

I haven’t blogged in several weeks because I was finishing above quilt. Supposably the pattern is by Amy Bradley. I couldn’t find the pattern to order so create my own pattern and went to work. It was a short turn around time as for a baby shower.

I had to do some piecing on the back. It so fun to work with Melody. She suggested adding the flower to the pink stripe.

It is custom quilted. In the end I went back and did a tight zig zag on flowers because they frayed in wash. Yikes. That was quite disconcerting. I had so little time left to do the zig zag stitching.

I learned fusible web and single stitching does not prevent fraying. Therefore, in future I will do satin stitches or turn under edges on all my appliqués. Lesson well learned.

Thank you to Melody for her confidence in me and for the fun of working with her. Also, thank you to my family for their support of my quilting.


  1. Once again I got to give a beautiful heirloom quilt as a gift. When the new mom to be opened her gift, the quilt got a lot of “OH’s”. It definitely was a hit! Thank you Kathy for never letting me down. I absolutely love the quilt!

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