A Quilting Ironing Board

My husband built a quilting board to go over my regular ironing board. My ironing board now measures 22” by 59”. It is wonderful! Sometimes you don’t know what you are missing until you get it.

An update on second t-shirt quilt I am working on. I have cut the fabric into 68 squares and strips for the quilt. Now, I have to cut the 53 squares into triangles. Then the sewing can begin…

The triangles will be made into 42 flying geese. The method is different than when I made 50 flying geese. This time I will be sewing three triangles together as in figures below to make one flying geese at a time. There will be triangles left over. The previous method made 4 flying geese at a time. After this I will decide which method I like best.

directions by Midnight Quilter

Our garden has started producing Cherry Tomatoes. We picked a couple earlier in week for a test taste. They were delicious. I see a salad in my future.

Cherry Tomatoes


    1. I did not make the cover . I found one on line. I really like this ironing board -the size and shape – for quilting . Bert was a sweetheart to make it for me for my birthday.

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