First T-Shirt Quilts

My friend, Neil, gave me a bag of t-shirts that were too big for him. In a bid for better health he lost a significant amount of weight. I made two quilts.

The top quilt I thought was too large to add the weight of batting. So there is a no batting and a cotton fabric on back. The t-shirts in center were cut out to retain the size of t-shirt by 1/2. The middle side ones represent the length. The idea was so he never forget how far he came on his weigh lost journey.

Neil is a big fan of University of Miami. So this last t-shirt quilt was a bit about his jovial personality and the UM football team: the Hurricanes.

I practice with interfacing the t-shirts and not. I’m in favor of using interfacing to stabilize the t-shirts. Both quilts were quilted by stitching in ditch. The second quilt had some extra meandering in middle.

I’m finishing up one t-shirt quilt and two more have been commissioned. I’m a happy camper. It’s the joy of creating.

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