Sport T-Shirts Quilt

Quilt pattern by The Midnight Quilter

This sport t-shirt quilt is sandwiched and ready for quilting. The colors are the high school colors yellow and blue. I just need a block of time to quilt it.

Quilt back

Finding a block of time to quilt is harder than usual as we have received a non renewal letter from our home insurance carrier. We have to replace a small section of fencing, cut some trees down to clear 3 feet away from building, and supposably replace the roof. However, the roof contractor came out and said there is nothing wrong with roof. He going to write us a inspection certification letter. Hopefully, the letter with pictures will satisfy the insurance company about roof.

Another thing happening this month is surgery for Cochlear Implant (8/22.) It will be 5 weeks before I am activated. Fingers crossed the surgery goes well.

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