The Horse Quilt

The inspiration for this quilt came from a post on Pinterest of a horse head with triangles. Joanna showed me the picture and asked could I make it. I honestly answered, “ I don’t know, but I’m willing to try.”

First, I looked for a pattern I might order to help me through the process. There is not one. But while I was researching I turned up the quilt of a whole horse by Nicole Dunn quilting. Dunn’s quilt is awesome.

Being a horse lover myself this was a dream project. The quilt design included the addition of a blaze to resemble the owner’s horse. The quilt was a long term project taking months to complete.

The quilt is sized for a queen bed and challenged the capacity of my sewing machine’s throat. I learned a lot about quilting a large quilt with a 10 inch throat machine. I have been dreaming of a longarm since this quilt.

A special thanks goes to my friend, Linda, who spent many hours in my sewing room helping me with the design. We continue to collaborate on designs, but now, in the days of COVID, we use texts.

The quilt in it’s new home.


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