Ahoy Baby Blanket and Diaper Bag

In February 2016, I was shown a picture that inspired this quilt. Unfortunately I was not able to track down a pattern at the time. Tonight, August 22, 2020, I was searching again to try and find the original picture to give credit and I found a pattern. So if anyone wants to know, a pattern can be found on Etsy at Nellie’s Needle Quilt Patterns.

Nellie’s Needle is not the original picture I worked from as it had a different border and was monotone. But, as I have said in an earlier post, it is much easier to work from a pattern than create your own. So I would buy the pattern.

I used two layers of batting for more loft in this quilt. In the future, I would use extra loft batting. But, the two layers give extra weight to the baby blanket which might be nice if used on the ground. I quilted using a bubble or pebble pattern around the appliqués.

The diaper bag was from a pattern by The Creative Thimble. There are pockets on front, back and pleated pockets on both sides and one pocket inside. The inside has a large center divide to make two compartments. The appliqués on front and back are smaller version of design on quilt.

The front of the diaper bag
The back of the diaper bag


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