Decorating a room

Melody wanted to decorate the bed in her quest room. First, she brought me the fabric for the bed skirt and the pillow shams. Then, she decided she wanted more color. We decided on a bed scarf (25” x 84”) and a pillow. She brought me these exquisite fabrics in a multitude of colors and said have at it.

I used Eleanor Burn’s pattern “Fabric Frenzy” as the base design. My friend, Linda, and I spent days puzzling over the layout. A design wall is a blessing when you are repeatedly moving fabric around to get the best layout.

After a couple consultations with Melody we had the design. All I had to do was sew it together. I did stitch-in-ditch quilting to not distract from the design.

I think Melody has a good eye for colors and fabric. The room came out beautiful.

Melody changed the quilt from blush to navy blue and changes the whole look. The bed scarf and pillow pop with color.


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