Memory Quilts

After Laura’s father died she asked that I make memory quilts from her father’s clothes and the monogram from a couple of towels. Below is our 6’10” dining table covered with six inch squares cut from the clothes she provided. There are enough squares to make eight memory lap quilts.

Below is the batting and binding ready for each quilt. My organizational skills and space in the house were challenged by this project.

Below are pictures of five of the eight quilts made.

All the quilts were made using the same nine block patten and quilted in the same diamond design. Yet, they were all unique.

It was an intense project with a short deadline and lots of communication to ensure the results were what was envisioned by Laura. I hope the rest of the family felt as happy with the quilts as I was.

I also made a pillow from some of the squares left. I used a disappearing nine patch pattern and stitch in ditch for the pillow.

I think lap quilts and pillows are a wonderful way to keep memories close.


  1. Years ago, when she moved to Vermont, I made one for Momma that had clothes from all of us and Butch so that she wouldn’t feel alone. I rushed it and did a terrible stitching job….which I regret but I hope she loves.

    Have you ever heard about the quilt makers from Gees Bend? Google them. Abby and I went to Gees Bend to visit them and they told the story that one of their husbands passed away and the woman was so beside herself with grief that she could hardly stand it. All of the other ladies took the husband’s clothes and made a full blanket out of them so their friend could “wrap herself up in him”. It made me cry right there in front on them. And right then, I began loving quilts.

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