Christmas 2019: The Year Of The Mini Quilts

I am still trying to catch up on recording items I have made over the years. I know it just the beginning of Fall, but I am thinking of Christmas 2020 and what better way than looking back on last year’s Christmas.

In preparation, I searched through the internet and found numerous charming holiday patterns. Below are some of the mini quilts I made with the help of patterns I found.

Connecting Threads is where I found the table stand to hold quilts up to 12” x 14” size. Once you have gifted the stands, you can gift mini quilts for other seasons or special occasions.

While mini quilts are good way to use scraps of fabric, I, of course, had to add to my fabric stash. But, what fun, I had shopping for fabric and sewing these delights.

Star lite Snowman pattern by Sweetwater Company

Vintage Blessings was actually a pattern for a table runner. I like the blocks and decided they would make excellent mini quilts. I could not decide which one I liked best.

Who could resist Topping the Tree pattern? It a wonderful pattern for fabric from my stash. While I like the snowflake, white on white, background, this year I think I will make with a light blue background to make the snowmen stand our more. I have just the person in mind for this gift.

Topping The Tree pattern by Quilt Doodle Designs

For the panel below, I did light quilting around the snowman and water. I had been holding on to this panel as I waited to discover a fellow cardinal lover. 2019 was the year.

Fabric panel

Folk Art Santa has no pattern. I saw a picture and decided I’d try my hand at drawing a Santa. This mini quilt also has fabric from my stash pile. I bought the tiny black buttons for the eyes.

The border is fabric from a trip to a AQS quilt show in Paducah, Kentucky. What a fun trip my friends and I had to attend this show. For quilters, it is quite a convention to attend. Hopefully, the Spring show will be in April, 2021

Folk Art Santa -no pattern

This last quilt is a wall hanging approximately 19” square. I modified the pattern to have the one ornament under the cat’s paw. A cat lover would understand.

Bah Humbug pattern by Trouble and Boo Design

I hope you enjoyed this series of pictures and comments on Christmas mini quilts. Maybe it will give you gift ideas for Christmas 2020.


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