Nature Loving Baby Quilts

The above quilt was finished in November 2017. The fabric was gathered over time from local shops and online. The quilting was wavy lines horizontal on the quilt. The finished size was 35” x 42.”

On the surface it seems to be a simple quilt to make. But it’s is no small task to get the squares to line up. Precise cutting and sewing is needed as is the willingness to use a seam ripper until it is right.

The above quilt was quilted using three different designs. The outer border was diamond stitched. The teal border was quilted using wavy lines. The blocks were outlined with a 1/4” stitch inside the seam. It was finished in summer of 2018.

Melody and I have had fun working as a team on quilts. She finds inspirations and asks,”Can you do this? And the challenge is on.

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