Pink and Teal Baby Blanket

Finished in October 2018. Melody came with a beautiful selection of fabrics to work with, the goal was to get the pink to fade into the teal. Melody wanted tight quilting on this one,

A few pIeces of fabric were added and numerous layouts were tried on the design wall before finding one that was satisfactory. Then it was onward to sandwiching too to the batting and backing,

A tight flower abstractions design was quilted. Dark pink thread on top and a teal blue on back. Different color thread on top and bottom is generally not recommended unless sure of thread tension because the top or bottom thread can peek through.

The back is a beautiful teal with dragonflies.

While this quilt took awhile on the design wall, it was fun to do. It is amazing the number of designs you can come up with before settling on the one design.

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