Flower Power

The above is a baby quilt requested by my friend, Melody, in 2015. The inspiration was on Pinterest. The background is strips of fabric sewn together. The flower is turned under appliqué. Each pink petal edges are turned under. The petals are fused to the background. Then the two circles in middle of flower are cut, the edges turned under and fused to the petals. The petals and the circles are outline stitched. After sandwiching the quilt, the yellow fabric was quilted with a scallop design.

Below is another floral quilt requested by Melody. It was finished in August 2019. This was a challenging baby quilt to make. It measured 32”x 52”. The square are 4” fussy cut, fused to the top. Then the quilt was sandwiched and top stitched diagonally and horizontally. The raw edges of the squares will feather with each washing providing texture for the baby to experience.

This gorgeous backing was found at Mood Fabric. The binding was yellow fabric with small white dots found locally.


  1. I love giving your quilts as gifts. Your always my go to baby shower gift maker. It’s nice to give something that one can cherish and keep for many, many years. I’m so glad your so talented! Love each quilt you’ve made.

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