Another “I Spy” Quilt

Bohdi is the way Kristen chosed to spell her son’s name

I love how the squares match up on this one. I sewed four blocks together at a time then put the next four blocks together. I sewed just the seams together and check that the seams matched. If the seam didn’t match, I only had to rip out a short seam,. Once I have a match then I sewed the blocks together. I know some people pin their seams together and sew but, I never got a perfect match. My way may take a little longer but, it works for me.

The backing is material I had in my stash. I had an idea for what I was going to use the fabric for at the time I bought it. I never started the project. Instead, the fabric stayed in my stash waiting for the perfect project. I think it works here. There is plenty to hunt for on the back as well as the front.

The binding was Wrights double fold bias tape quilt binding I bought at the local JoAnn’s fabric store. The binding comes in 3 yard segments. Since the quilt was 36” x 55”, I needed two packs.

It is first time I machined sewed binding on a quilt. The directions I’m familiar with state you sew one side of binding to quilt front edge then fold the binding to the back. Machine sew the binding in place.

For this project I placed the folded binding over the edge of the quilt and sewed close to the inside edge. I stopped just short of the corners, folded in place, and continued sewing. It was quick and looked good.

Before I gift a quilt I wash with a color grabber. After drying I check for tears and places where the quilt pulled loose. This quilt finished fine. No repairs needed.


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