Mermaid Quilt Finished & Gifted

47” x 47”

This is the quilt where I learned a couple of lessons. Although I spray baste my layers together, I now pin the edges to make sure the back doesn’t fold back on itself

I did lots of outlining quilting in the middle using gold thread on top and variegated green thread on bottom. I stitched-in-ditch for the blocks. The first green sashing I did a wave motif for the quilting. The backing is the same material as sashing and shows off the stitching well.

Section of back of quilt
Outlining in gold thread
Wave motif on green sashing

My husband loves the quilt but complains he is fighting for ownership. Two of our cats have taken an interest in the quilt.

Tolley started claiming the quilt
Then Deuce tried to lay claim

This quilt could have been at least ten inches longer to work better as a lap quilt. But I couldn’t figure out how to add to the design. And I wanted to be finished by Christmas.

It was completed and all parties are happy. Hope you had a Merry Christmas as well.

I’m off to quilt two quilts before the New Year. That’s how it goes. You take a few moments to enjoy a finished project. Then you move on to next one because there is so many loved ones to gift. But, you should think twice who and how you gift… but that is information for another post.


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