The Scrappy Top Is Finished

It has been a busy two weeks. I spent time reorganizing my sewing room and getting a single bed in place so that our youngest son would have a place to sleep while visiting next week. He coming down from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I’m so excited.

I not only cleaned house, I kept my granddaughter for three days this week. She two years old and a delight. She is starting to take interest in my sewing room. She is inquisitive about everything in the room. I was barraged today with, “What’s that?”

And, while she napped today, I put the finishing touches on the quilt top pictured above. I decided not to do the last round of alternating white and colored squares. The top looks finished to me now and it measures 60”x 60”. A good size for a throw.

I’m going to put this top aside as I have to make a quilt for this bed. It won’t be ready for next weeks visit. I have a blanket for comfort. I know – not the same – but, the opportunities our youngest has to visit, are not that often. I’ll have a quilt for the bed for the next visit. Right now, I’m happy to offer him a place to lay his head.


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