Showering Stars Top

Boo poses beside my design wall

This is a Robin Pickens quilt pattern. I thought this pattern would be a good way to use up more of my fabric stash. It will finish out at 75” x 90”. A good size for the twin bed in my sewing room.

I confess. I bought the background fabric because I didn’t have 4 3/4 yardage in my stash and I needed a green to go with the room color. I went to the fabric store and forgot the pattern. I was confident I remembered the amount I needed and bought 4 1/2 yards.

Yep, my memory is not so good and the pattern wastes nothing in the suggested layout for cutting. I needed that 1/4 of yard. Plus, I decided I wanted another 3/4 yard for the binding. What could be the problem? I left a lot of yardage on the bolt two days ago.

Off I went to the store for more fabric. It was gone. Now, I am scrambling. I go to the other fabric store in town. It was a long shot. I didn’t find the green but, I found a mottled green that coordinated. There was only 3 1/3 yards. I bought it all. More fabric than I should need but, I was not quite sure how I was going to use it. I wanted to have enough.

I ended up changing the streamers and the points at tip of the trailers. They are mottled green. I have enough mottled green to do the binding. A happy ending except, I have added at least a yard of mottled green fabric to my stash. The moral of the story is be sure I have the pattern with me when shopping.

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