More Notecards

Notecards are fun to make and you can personalize them for the recipient. So much fun, that I made three more since my last post.

The first card needed something so I added the “Gone Fishing” and fish button. These buttons have shanks and stick out from the notecard. I like but, it will take a bubble envelope to mail .

The second card, the larger notecard, has heart buttons that lay flat. It will be able to go in envelope that comes with it.

The last one was made was made without batting. The fabric is sewn to an index card and double stick taped to the notecard. I think I like the notecards that incorporate batting better.

By the way, I didn’t take the first card I mailed to the post office. I put one Forever stamp on it and put it in mailbox. I got word today that the card was received. Well received. She loved it.

On another note, this week I switched out my office chair for a dining room chair. Although the office chair is comfortable to sit on, it had a tendency to roll away from machine as I was quilting. That was awkward and caused a lot of stopping and starting of quilting to readjust the position of the chair. I replaced it with a stable dining chair and problem solved.

This office chair is gone
New sewing chair

I have two projects I am working on now. I’m quilting the Showering Star twin bed quilt. I have a domestic machine, not a longarm, so, the quilting is going to take a while. I can do one row a day. I will share more on this quilt next week.

The second quilt I’m at the piecing stage. Lots of blocks and appliqué in this one. It is full of bright fun colors. More to come on this quilt too.

Wishing everyone a good week.


  1. How creative! I haven’t never seen quilted note cards. It would truly be a treasure for the recipient. On another note, no pun intended, I can’t wait to see the finished star quilt. You are so talented. I love all of your works of art.❤️❤️❤️

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