Fun Family Trip

I forgot to post this post. The week of October 3, 2021 was devoted to travel with my husband, Bert, my brother, Pete and his wife, Debbie to see my brother, Doc.

Doc lived with us for several years. Then he moved to Bemidji, Minnesota. It has been three years since I saw him. It was good to get a hug and for him to show us his “new” stomping grounds. Bemidji is a wonderful town.

Pete, Debbie, Doc, me, Bert

Doc took the time to find a quilting shop for Debbie and I to roam. He also found an antique shop and a gift shop for all of us to roam. Not surprising, I found some fabric and a pattern. Debbie found Halloween themed fabrics to make a table runner. I was quite limited in what I could buy, because I had no room in my suitcase. Next time I’ll leave more room in my suitcase. But, Sadie Rae’s Quilt Shop has an online presence – and I’ll be following.

Our maternal grandparents used to own a resort in Cable, Wisconsin. We went to Cable in hopes of seeing the place. We spent many wonderful summer vacations there. As we stopped the car to look down the entrance way the new owner drove up. We explained who we were and Bob graciously invited us to come down and see the property. His wife, Lori came out. We all chatted and celebrated what a wonderful job they were doing maintaining the property. She gave us all historical postcards of the place.

It was exciting to see Birchmont doing so well under private ownership after discovering the BlackBerry Restaurant was closed down and the Mount Telemark Resort had been razed. Nothing but the elevator shafts from Telemark were standing.

We shopped in Cable and had lunch at Brickhouse Cafe. We walked to Gorman Falls. An easy 1.6 mile round trip . We ended the day with a fine German dinner at Garmisch Inn. A beautifully restored Inn.

We also squeezed in a 3 hour Apostle Islands cruise. It was foggy and cold and beautiful.

All in all we spent 5 fast paced days in Bemidji, Minnesota, Cable, Wisconsin, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Wonderful family time.

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  1. I’m so excited that you all got to go on this trip…sweet sweet memories of family time ❤ Loved all the pictures. We were glad to be able see such beautiful scenery and enjoy some of your memories ❤

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