Fun in Sun Is Back

I have never done this before but, I finally sent a quilt to a longarm service. I sent this quilt to the Quilt Peddler. Some of my readers, Marla, recommended a wave pattern. Marianne did a wonderful waves and bubbles overall pattern on the quilt.

It a great process. You make the top and pick out the back fabric. Specify the batting (a choice of two) and the quilting pattern. Marianne does the rest. She will even do the binding, if you want. In this case, I chose to do the binding. I found the perfect fabric for binding at the Quilt Peddler. I just have to sew it onto the quilt.

Below is a picture of the back. you can see how wonderful the quilting design came out.

I will definitely be going back to Marianne., The Quilt Peddler.

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