Finally, 50 Flying Geese

Those who read my post know I made a post earlier on how to make four flying geese at at time. Since that post I made over 50 flying geese . Some I could not use but, here I have the 50 flying geese I could use.

They will border a lap throw I am making. I have more sewing on the quilt top before I can put the borders on. I hope to finish the top this week or next week. Unfortunately I won’t be able to reveal until gifted.

I’m still trying to organize and decluttering my sewing room. That is an ongoing project.

My sewing has been between household chores, organizing my sewing room, childcare for my granddaughter, and helping my husband put down new flooring. We are working on the dining room area now.

Our house was built in 1959. The current parquet floor is in bad condition with some pieces missing. Fortunately , with a little prepping the new flooring goes over the old.

Owning an older house translates into a lot of work. Luckily, my husband is very talented.

Let’s Create Something Together.


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