Vintage Quilt Repair

My friend, Melody, has this wonderful quilt in need of repair. I believe it is the Drunkard Path pattern. I just love the different fabrics used in this quilt. I had thought that one day I might try my hand at this type of quilt.

There are several places that need repair. Some areas like the edges of the red in picture below can be tacked down.

Other areas, as shown in picture below, need to be covered with new fabric. In conservation efforts you cover (not remove) damaged fabric.

Above I was auditioning potential fabrics for the repair. I threw in the poinsettia as a potential choice as Melody brings this quilt out at Christmastime.

I picked a different red fabric but, I am having to get Rit Color Stay dye fixative as the fabric keeps bleeding during the wash. I have washed three times and the color grabber still comes out red. I can’t risk the fabric bleeding in the wash on this quilt. I will give feedback on the dye fixative when I get a chance to try it. It’s arriving on the 2/8.

There will be a delay on update of this quilt because next week I will be going to Bemidji, Minnesota to be with my brother during his recovery from heart by-pass surgery. And Brrr, it’s cold there. The high today in Bemidji is -3. I’m packing the warmest Florida clothes I have.

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