Restoring a Quilt

This is a beautiful vintage Drunksrd Path quilt. There is no label so I cannot date or tell the story behind the quilt. Lesson learned. I think I need to start labeling my quilts. I should at least put the year.

Restoring this quilt involved making a template by laying drafting paper over the area of quilt to be replaced, tracing the pattern and adding a quarter inch seam. The circle piece laying on the template is my 1/4” seam guide. It is a handy gadget.

Between working and taking care of my granddaughter my sewing is pushed to the weekends now. Usually Sunday afternoons I delegate to sewing. This week I cut the pattern out and sewed the middle piece together. Then, I sewed 1/4” inside the edge to have a guideline for turning under the edge. I used pinking shears to cut the fabric to hopefully reduce fraying.

I also managed to get the middle and outside of one patch hand sewn over a torn piece. I still have to get the yarn to replace the ties. And there are several more pieces to cover. From my research in repairing a quilt, if possible, it is best to cover torn areas rather than remove the fabric.

I hope to work some more on this quilt next weekend. Since it is mostly hand sewing it is something I can work on while my sewing room is in disarray.

Bert is laying new flooring. Right now he is focusing on the sewing room. I have almost everything pulled from the closets and stacked in the room. Some major reorganization will take place when I can put stuff back into the closets.

Hope everyone is enjoying April!

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