Despite the Silence I Am Still Quilting

Although I have not posted in a while, I am still quilting. Actually I am quite busy.

I’m enjoying my part time work at Stitches of Love Quilting. They have just released a new block of the month design called Garden Moments. It’s a 13 month membership. Check it out in picture below.

To find out more about Garden Moments quilt go to

Garden Moments by Stitches of Love Quilting

Recently I got back from the long-armer a quilt I’m preparing to gift in December. I still have to add the binding. I have the fabric. Just need to cut and sew. The long-armer did a great job on the quilt. Below I show the back of the quilt but, I can’t do a full reveal until the quilt is gifted.

Showing back of quilt

Meanwhile I continue to work on repairing Melody’s quilt. I found a couple of more spots that need attention. To complete those repairs I need to find some off-white fabric. I will probably find it in my huge stash of fabric. Also, I need to get some gold yarn to retie the places I have already repaired.

Melody’s quilt

In addition to Melody’s quilt, I am working on a request for two t-shirt quilts. I have a design for the first one and have started sewing. It’s slow going working without a pattern to tell me the exact size to cut every piece. These quilt are also gifts so, I can’t show the work in progress until gifted. These will be gifted before Christmas so stay tuned.

I can show the progress I have made on the Fair and Square quilt. This one hangs on my design wall and is on hold while I work on the t-shirt quilts and Melody’s quilt. I have some more squaring and adjustments to make on the work to date on this quilt.

Fair and Square

Last, but not least, I have a request for two more t-shirt quilts and more quilts on my own list for Christmas. Feeling blessed.


  1. Hooray! I wondered what you were working on! I have a quilt top that I would like to get quilted. (I did it 2 years ago!) Moving has put a temporary crimp in my creative endeavors. 😉

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    1. Moving will definitely put a crimp in some creative endeavors. At the same time other creative efforts abound during a move. Hope you are all settling in comfortably. 💕


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