Catching Up

I finished the first t-shirt quilt top. It still needs to be quilted and the binding added. I am so excited the black sashing all lined up. I owe thanks to Linda Rossman for figuring out and sharing with me the math for each block. I can’t wait to show the quilt to you all. But that will be later in the year after it is gifted.

Sashing lining up

Meanwhile I found a pattern I want to used for the second quilt (see below.) I am hopefully I can used the t-shirts in this pattern. The t-shirts were given to me already cut so I may have to do some creative piecing to make it work. I’m waiting for the pattern to arrive by USPS mail.

Angela Walters is the designer

In case you wondered, I do things outside of quilting. Bert and I worked on a raised bed this past weekend. This first harvest is going to be expensive financially and physically. It was hot here Memorial Day when we transplanted plants into the raised bed. I figure the costs will level out if we continue to maintain the cultivating of plants through the different seasons.

Another aside is Bert and I went to Shands in Gainesville (Florida) where I received an evaluation for Cochlear Implant. For those who are not familiar “a cochlear implant is a surgically implanted neuroprosthesis that provides a person who has moderate-to-profound sensorineural hearing loss with sound perception” (Wikipedia.) I met eligibility for an implant in my right ear. I have 1% recognition of sentences with noise in background in my right ear. Hopefully, the implant and habilitation will lead to increase access to conversations.

It is hard to believe tomorrow is June 1st. So much of 2022 has flown by. I remember a conversation with my brother, Pete, many years ago. I was complaining that Christmas would never arrive. He told me then not to worry as I got older time would go faster. It was hard for me to comprehend at the time but, now I’m thinking Christmas will be here before I’m ready.

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