All Is Going As It Should Be … I Think

The last two days I have been struggling with more vertigo and balance issues. The kind of vertigo where your eyes move back and forth rapidly and refuse to focus on anything. I had hard time driving home from work yesterday. It was so bad I did not risk driving to work today.

I had a scheduled telemedicine call with Dr. Chen this morning. Where I couldn’t get hooked up. So we talked by phone. Thankfully Bert came home from work to help me with the call as I couldn’t hear the doctor. Dr. Chen advised me to stop taking Dramamine and move around more. So with exception of driving I’m trying to get up and walk more. Walking is possible with my head tilted downward and slightly to left. Walls to bounce off of are helpful too.

The good news is the pain is minimal and I’m not taking anything for pain now. Tylenol and Excedrin was all I needed for the discomfort.

No quilting news as I haven’t been sewing. I miss it but don’t think I can focus on quilting the way I need to to do the two projects I’m in middle of. Well, to be honest, I have more than two projects that are not finished but, I’m focusing on two right now

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