Looking Back

This was a commission quilt from early on in my quilt making experiences. It was inspired by another quilt which I can no longer find the original picture and artist to give credit for the inspiration to use the triangles.

That teaches me to keep better record of my inspirations and process. The picture below is a picture of a current blanket on market. It is not the original artist. It is however picture of my inspiration.

Another thing I learned when designing quilts is to double check the size of the drop the person wants. This quilt would have benefited from 1” more on drop.

Linda helped me lay out the triangles on design wall. It’s invaluable to have a Linda when designing quilts. They help with color placement, values and the inevitable math. They help with general problem solving, moral support and add fun.

Above is the quilt in its home.

Update on health: The vertigo is mostly gone. I feel human! Returning to quilting is not far away.

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