It’s Not About Quilting Today

I had a mapping on Monday (12/12). They finally got rid of the reverberations in my head! The reverberations were like tiny shocks that traveled quickly from right side of brain to left side. It was fast and almost constant. It was annoying, distracting, and uncomfortable. I feel like a new person with the zapping gone.

The latest testing revealed I am hearing at 90% in quiet environment. My understanding of speech drops to 44% in noisy environment without the benefit of speech reading. That is better than before the Cochlear implant, but there is still room for improvement. So, the auditory training will continue .

My next appointment is not until March 2023. Although I enjoyed the travel with Bert and Julie, I am glad for a break in the monthly 6 hours RT for a 1 hour appointment.

Wishing everyone safe and happy holidays!

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