A Memory Quilt

The six pictures are of scenes at Birchmont- the resort my maternal grandparents used to own. It is where we all spent several summers there. Pete, my brother, and his wife, Debbie talked my husband and I in going for a trip to see our brother in Minnesota and then going to Wisconsin to see the resort if we could. What a great trip it was.

The resort is in private hands now and they’re doing a wonderful job of maintaining the property. We were so lucky. As we were stopped at the road peeking down the driveway the owner drove up to get his mail. When we told him our story he invited us on the property. We had a delightful time taking pictures and marveling at how well everything looked.

The 6 pictures on the quilt are from 1950 postcards they gave us and from pictures we took. The middle panel is a nod to my brother-an avid fisherman. The 50 flying geese are a nod to the geese of Wisconsin. The log background fabric is in honor of the white birch trees in that part of the country.

Edie at Stitches of Love, did the longarm quilting of this quilt. It came out fabulous.

I love to travel and this trip was very special. A big thanks to Pete and Debbie for coordinating this trip. I hope he enjoys the quilt.

And now back to quilting.

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