A Change In Plans

I was going to start on another Christmas quilt but, I started reorganizing my sewing room. I need to put a twin bed for my brother, who may be coming to visit this year from Minnesota, and occasionally my best friend from central Florida comes to visit. The rearranging was prompted by my son and granddaughter moving in for indefinite period of time.

In my rearranging I found I have at least 4 boxes of unorganized scraps. I knew my fabric stash was getting out of control but, I had not paid attention to my scraps. I needed a plan…

Fading Charms Quilt by Wedding Dress Blue

Enters Pinterest. There I found the above quilt by Wedding Dress Blue. This one actually had instructions. It is a design that I thought would make a dint in my my scrap fabric stash, This design uses over 800 2 1/2” squares. It measures 72” x 72”. I have cut out and put on my design wall most of the squares for the quilt but, still I have a ways to go. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it’s not going to make a significant dint in my scrap fabric. So there will be more scrappy quilts in my future.

In the meantime, I found a tip for organizing my scraps that will make them easier to use. Jo’s Country Junction blog had suggestions to organize scraps by bright colors, dark jewel tones, shirts, and batiks. I don’t have shirts for now, but I have the rest.

I hope to finish layout of this quilt this week and to start sewing the 800+ blocks together. Progress on reorganizing scraps, the sewing room, and the scrappy quilt to follow.


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