Do You Remember This Quilt in Progress?

I know I have posted blogs about two other quilts since these squares were last shown. But, this week, I needed a different kind of sewing to get me through my brother’s by-pass surgery. A repetitive, color infused sewing.

This is on my design wall now. I bordered 12 of the 30 blocks with black. And started the string blocks. I was hesitant to start the string blocks as it was paper foundation sewing. I am inexperienced but, I jumped in. What fun!

In this particular block design, I used 2.5” strips to start. I sewed two strips diagonally across the middle of a square piece of paper. Pressed the strips open, flipped over so paper side is up and trimmed the edges of strip to the edge of paper block. Then, I flipped the paper back over so fabric strips are face up and randomly trim the strip edge to vary the width of each strip.

The next step was to lay another strip on the unsewn edge of sewn strip, right side to right side, sew scant 1/4” seam through paper. Press open, trim and repeat until the square of paper is completely covered.

Once the paper block was covered in strips. I laid the ruler across the block from point to point. It is important to lay the ruler across the diagonals (not going with diagonals) and rotary cut the block along the ruler .

Before going to next step, I tore off the paper of the back of each triangle. Take the time now to pull the small pieces of paper left in the seams.

Last step for these strip blocks was to sew 4 triangles together. Trimmed the block to size. I get to repeat these steps until I have enough strip blocks and 1/2 blocks for the modified version of this pattern.

I am thinking instead of bed size, I will make two lap throws.

This pattern (see below) , Fair and Square, can be found in Bonnie K. Hunter’s book, Scraps and Shirttails II: Continuing the Art of Quilting Green. I found my book on Amazon.

The book has several patterns good for using up scraps. The authors deconstructs shirts, in particular, men shirts to make her quilts . As she says in her book. Her ideas are a model for the World War II slogan, “Use it up-wear it out-make it do, or do without!”

On another note, I’m pleased that the first leg of my journey to the frozen north gives me time with my sister-in-law, Debbie, in balmy central Florida. She is graciously going to take me to airport for a 6 am flight tomorrow.

I’m headed to Fargo, ND to meet my brothers. Pete is currently there for my brother who had the surgery. Pete will get to go home and I will stay awhile. The best news is Doc is recovering nicely from his surgery. He has moved from ICU, is walking and eating.

Life is good.

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