To Plant A Garden…

Shipping boxes for Garden Moments Block of the Month by Stitches of Love Quilting

Our garden is beginning to produce vegetables. The cherry tomatoes are abundant and the green peppers are coming along.

As for quilting the t-shirt quilt. I quilted 1/4” lines on sashing. This weekend I finished quilting the blocks, made a label, and did the binding. I’m finished. I will be revealing the quilt after it is gifted.

T-Short pattern by The Midnight Quilter

This is the design for second t-shirt quilt. The white squares will be the t-shirts. There will be 15. A couple of the t-shirts are cut too small and fabric will be added to get the desired size. One is too large and will be centered on the backing.

One decision is to change two of colors in the design. I want to change the yellow to gold and the gold to yellow . Easy enough to do. I have figured out fabric I need for each color.

A special surprise this week. I made the quilt pictured below for Melody. She gave it as a baby shower gift. I was gifted with this picture of the quilt being enjoyed during tummy time. Look at her hold her head up. I think you can also say to quilt is to believe in tomorrow.

Pinterest inspired quilt


  1. so sweet to the baby enjoying tummy time on the beautiful quilt…ps: the tomato looks great!!! I’ll come by and help you harvest the crops 🙂

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    1. You’ll have to come by for some. Bert’s comment to tasting 1/2 Cherry tomato is it wasn’t terrible. I had other 1/2 it was good. There will be too many for me.


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