National Sewing Month

September is National Sewing Month. I have yet to pick up needle and thread or sit at my sewing machine since the surgery. I feel better this week and have returned to my part time job with Stitches of Love Quilting. Sewing is not far behind.

During my convalescence I found some 12” by 12” seasonal hanging quilt to try but, first, two quilts are still waiting for me to finish my work on them. They’re due by Christmas and Christmas is fast approaching.

In other news, my left hearing aid broke down for two days. I am still waiting for my Cochlear Implant to be activated so I was essentially deaf and relied heavily on speech reading during those two days. My husband and Stitches of Love staff were accommodating and we all survived. The good news is my audiologist was able to fix my hearing aid and activation is next Wednesday.

I will let you know how activation goes. I hope you are all having a good September.

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