From That to This

I have three things to talk about today.

First, I finished restoring Melody’s vintage quilt. Seems like it took a long time. But, the reality is I don’t get to sew every day anymore. Therefore, things stay in my sewing piles longer.

Here is example of one of the spots that needed to be restored. On the block shown below, the fabric has worn through and batting is showing. There were multiple spots on the quilt in this condition.

In the photograph below the center of one of the worn blocks has been covered. The new fabric is hand stitched in place. Last, but not least, I found some matching yarn at Michael’s and retied the blocks as needed.

Second thing on my list. As y’all may recall, in August, I had Cochlear Implant surgery. After healing from the surgery, on Activation day, I was provided a full sized backpack full of equipment and reading material. The photograph below is the Nucleus 7 I wear. The circle is the magnet that attaches to the device under the skin behind my right ear. The semicircular piece hooks over my ear and contains the microphone and processing unit. The battery is the rectangle piece that rides behind my ear.

I still wear a Resound hearing aid in my left ear. I rely heavily on the hearing aid. I do hear some new sounds with the Nucleus 7. For instance, I tried to take a nap last week and woke up to some noise. Finally, I figured out that for the first time I was hearing the neighbor’s dogs barking while I was inside. I can’t say the new sound of dogs barking was what I was hoping to hear. LOL. Fortunately the dogs don’t bark a lot.

Speech clarity is what I am struggling with now. I do auditory training daily. This involves taking out the hearing aid and leaving the Nucleus 7 on. I listen to recorded sentences and try to guess, from a list of words, the word I heard in the sentence. Some words are easy and some are hard.

It is still early in the game. I go back to the audiologist on October 18th for the first adjustment called a Mapping. We will see what happens then.

In closing, I want to remind y’all it is breast cancer screening month. Get your Mammogram. I got mine.


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