Time Is Flying

Hallmark Mini Card

Linda gave me this card years ago. I kept because I loved it. At the time I received it I was going through some tough times. It made me laugh. Now, I look at it and I think of how time is blowing past me. 2022 is almost gone. So many projects still unfinished.

My latest sewing projects are two mini quilts. Once again I’m going to have to delay showing until after they are gifted. The patterns were 6”wide by 10” tall mug rug that I enlarged to 10.5” wide by 13” tall mini quilts by adding a border.

In terms of other projects, we had to get a roofing inspection and tree removed or trimmed 3 feet away from house to get our home insurance renewed. The renewal will cost $1,500+ more for 2023. I’m still shopping for home owner insurance.

The projects around the house continue to try and take away my time quilting. We have inside and outside projects going at the same time. Generally, I manage to keep Sundays for sewing and a few household chores like laundry.

Speaking of quilting, in November, I’m traveling to Sally’s house to try out her new mid-arm sewing machine. It’s a great opportunity to finish Kristen’s second T-shirt quilt. I tried on my 9.5” throat sewing machine and I just couldn’t quilt it without messing up the stitching.

Last but not least, an update on my Cochlear Implant journey. I had my first mapping. They increased the volume and made some other adjustments. I have 4 new program levels to work through. I hear some people better and others less clearly. I can’t hear the auditory training program I was using. I’m going to research a couple of other training resources. I’m already up to program 3. I had to back off program 4 because of the constant reverberating in my head at work Friday. I think the reverberating is caused by sounds I don’t hear but feel. Anyway I continue to work the process and time continues to fly. The holiday season is nigh.

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