Destashing with Feel Good Fibers

Here’s a load of data I found through the Feel Good Fibers blog. The average US citizen throws away approximately 70 lbs of clothing and other textiles per year per year. That’s seem high to me. While recycling technologies do exist, they are only used on a small scale. The 2018 data indicated landfills received 11.3 million tons of textile. The amount of textiles, including clothing, burned was 3.2 millions tons. Wonder what more current data reveals. Charities are reportedly overwhelmed by the textile they receive. Feel Good Fibers is an alternative to this unsustainable cycle.

Credit Feel Good Fibers blog

Feel Good Fibers is an online listing site for secondhand quilting fabric that is in like new condition. So, if you have fabric you bought and never used, think Feel Good Fibers. If you have left over fabric from a project and it is taking up valuable space, think Feel Good Fibers. And, of course, if you need fabric for a new project, think Feel Good Fibers.

Finished scrappy quilt

While I have been making scrappy quilts, mini quilts, and fabric notecards to use up fabric I have on hand, I don’t seems to making a dent in my stash. I have given fabric to a friend and even donated fabric to a local charity. I still need to destash in a serious way so, I’m going to give this a go. I am listing some fabric on the Feel Good Fibers’ site. You can check out the site here.


  1. Like you, I have lots of projects in the pipeline and when I moved out of my house into independent living (tiny apartment) I gave a lot of fabric and crafts away to several organizations that I knew would use them. I’m using what I have and now only buy small amounts to complete a current project. I shop thrift stores for my clothing and don’t remember the last time I bought anything other than a hoodie to embroider new. We waste so much. I’ve given lots of flannel to my DIL for nap mats for her preschool. I’m going to check out your link though because more stuff keeps moving out as I find I no longer have enthusiasm for it. It sounds like a perfect solution. Wishing you luck with all the other projects.

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    1. Thanks. I love quilting. Don’t get as much done now as I work part time and keep my granddaughter on days off. Then there is the never ending household chores…but I try to keep Sundays open for quilting

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  2. I have always loved scrap quilts and happily tucked fabric away for some day…Now I truly believe that it breeds in the dark! I hardly ever buy new fabric these days and if I do it’s a small amount. I do share my stash with others esp new quilters. Great post!

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    1. I have another scrappy quilt on my design wall but it’s creation has been interrupted by peoples request for other projects. Meanwhile I like you suspect my scraps are breeding. LoL. Thanks for stopping by.


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