Catching Up

My husband modified my ironing board this weekend. The first design was a top on of a collapsible ironing board for ironing clothes. It collapsed. So, my husband made me a sturdy wooden frame on casters. This one is a keeper. I love it. On top of the ironing board sits my latest Christmas project, a table topper, waiting to be finished.

But first, I am going to my friend’s house in Tampa for a long weekend of visiting and trying out her new mid-arm sewing machine. I hope to quilt Kristen’s t-shirt quilt while down there. I tried to quilt it on my sewing machine but, my machine has a 10″ by 4.5″ throat. I was messing up the quilting trying to force the quilt through the throat. It doesn’t matter that I have quilted large quilts before on this machine. For a while I have been dreaming of adding to my inventory of sewing machines either a mid-arm or a small long-arm. So, a chance to really spend some time with a mid-arm is welcomed. It is a bonus that it is at Sally’s house. We really don’t get to see each other often enough.

I did not go to Sally’s this holiday weekend because we were going to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday with a hot air balloon ride. The remnants of Hurricane Nicole passed through the area the day before and left too much humidity in the air for the ride. We still had a wonderful Saturday wandering shops and eating at The Porch in Monticello. The hot air balloon ride is being rescheduled.

Update on Cochlear Implant: We drove to UF Shands in Gainesville today. They did a series of testing and remapped my implant. Sound is significantly louder. Hopefully this will give me more clarity on speech. I was able to hear and understand my sister-in-law (who was in the back seat) as we conversed in the truck on the way home. This was without turning around and facing her. So, I think I am seeing progress this time around. Today, at work, will be another test.


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