A Bernini Q20

Last weekend I went to my friend’shouse and played with her new toy-a Bernini Q20. Sally is a friend from long past college days. She got me started on quilting. Little did we know at the time that I was going to become addicted to quilting.

Back to the Bernini Q20. It is a dream machine. I thought I wanted a mid-arm with a built in stitch regulator. Now, I know.

She got many accessories with the machine including a table with extensions and rulers. It was quite the find.

I used the straight ruler to stitch the quilt I have been working on. The quilt is made of high school sport t-shirts of my son’s girlfriend. The pattern is by The Midnight Quilter. The quilt was commissioned by her mom.

It was so nice to be able to move the quilt around on the table and through the 20” by 11” throat. You may be able to tell from the picture above the table is large and provides ample support for the quilt. Using the ruler to make straight lines got easier as I went along, but there are plenty of small glitches in stitching, especially in the beginning when I stopped, repositioned the ruler and started again. A couple of times I became distracted and veered away from the ruler. Of course, the seam ripper was never far away.

I have to quilt the navy section of the quilt on my Viking Topaz. Time and energy were not enough to completely finish while at Sally’s but the blue runs along the edge and should be doable on my 10” throat machine. Mentally it will be challenging after the luxury of the Bernini Q20. Well it could be an excuse to drive another 8 hours round trip to see my friend. While I wish we were closer this is a friendship that has passed, and will continue to pass, the trials of time and distance.

Thank you Sally. I love your new toy and miss our time together.

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