Happy Birthday Linda

Fabric Notecard

Although I used to work for her husband, I didn’t really get to know her until we worked together. We have remained friends long past that job. Her birthday is today.

The card above I made by first using a little Elmer’s glue to glue the fabric to index card. Then I machine stitched with black thread as shown above. To hide the messy back I centered the index card on plain notecard with more Elmer’s glue to hold in place.

I found the inspiration for the card on Pinterest. There are many fabric postcards and notecards inspiration on Pinterest. According to my research you can mail a quilted postcard with the correct postage. I remain skeptical about mailing fabric postcards and need to do a little more research.

Anyway making the card was fun and a welcomed change of pace from large quilting projects. And I think appropriate for a fellow quilter.

Seam Ripper Crafted By Roy

Also, appropriate for a fellow quilter is a seam ripper. This seam ripper was made by Roy. He talented. I have one he made out of Olive tree wood. I love it. it fits in my hand nicely and is well balanced. So I asked if he’d make me some more. He did and sent them in these nice boxes. This one is for Linda.

Happy Birthday Linda and may you have many more wonderful spins around the sun.


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