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Now, that the bathroom is done and my sewing room put back together, I am revisiting the Trip Around the World quilt. In a previous post I had shown the picture below.

I’m reminded that quilters take fabric and cut it up just to resew it together. Below is how these strips look after cutting and resewing. I have almost finished the first quadrant of the quilt.

I only sew a little on the weekends (usually Sundays) as I have a full week. I only work 2-3 days a week from 9-5. I like my work and the people I work for and with. I also like taking care of my granddaughter on days I don’t work. So I don’t want to change my schedule.

I will admit that I need to resume my back strengthening exercises. Lately, I’m finding my upper back aches after a full day of work. That, and other things that need to be done during the day, leaves me without the energy or time to sew most evenings. So what’s new…I need to exercise more.

I’m getting more overall exercise now as we have decided to tackle some much needed landscaping to our front yard. We had several trees cut down and a person is coming to grind the stumps on 3/15. Cobblestones, vegetable garden, and ferns gone wild are going to be replaced with grass. But, first, all the aforementioned have to be removed. This Sunday I only lasted 2 hours pulling dead ferns from the yard. At this rate the front yard is going to take a lot longer than the bathroom renovation. Persistence, determination, and patience remain my words for 2023.

An update on Cochlear Implant. This Friday (3/10) I go for another follow up at Shands. I’m hoping to get my upgrade (the Nucleus 8.) I hear it smaller, lighter, and all around better. Fingers crossed as I seemed to have reached a plateau without the clarity of sound I envisioned. They say it can take a year to realize the full benefit of the implant. So I remain hopeful.


  1. Such beautiful colors in your quilt, Aunt Kathy! Is that the bargello technique? It’s so pretty! Also, we had some yard work to do before moving at our last house and I found a neighbor boy and paid him 10 bucks to pick up the sticks in my yard. Best 10 bucks I’ve ever spent since I didn’t have to bend over a hundred times! Do you have a neighbor boy or girl that could help you with some of the pulling?

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